Timeless Charm, Modern Utility: Plantation Shutters Revisited


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Norman Wood Shutter Custom Color

People have long admired plantation shutters for their durability, classic good looks, and privacy control. But with the shifting sands of interior shutter design trends, many homeowners wonder: Are plantation shutters out of style?

Plantation shutters are a classic choice. They have evolved to meet modern style and practical needs.

Let’s discuss why they are a popular option. Let’s also explore how they have adapted to fit contemporary design trends.

Timeless Appeal with Modern Innovations

Plantation shutters for sliding glass door are far from being passé. Their design has been around for a long time and has wide louvers that control light well and look very attractive.” Plantation shutters for the interior can easily blend in with any decor. It doesn’t matter if your home is a cozy country cottage or has a sleek, contemporary design.

Why Choose Plantation Shutters?
  1. Plantation shutters are available in different materials and finishes. They can be customized to fit any window shape and size. This includes arched or rounded windows.
  2. The strong construction improves the appearance and provides better insulation against heat and cold. This can reduce energy costs.
  3. Higher Home Value: Interior wood shutters frame style are strong and popular, and can make your home worth more when you sell it.
  4. Achieve the perfect balance of light control and privacy with our adjustable louvers, offering a wide variety of options for energy efficiency. Adjust the louvers to control light and privacy, making them ideal for rooms facing the street or a sunny direction. Customize the lighting and privacy levels to fit your needs effortlessly.

Plantation Shutters for Every Window Frame and Door

Plantation shutters are incredibly versatile, fitting not just standard windows but also sliding glass doors. Their usability in various applications makes them a superb choice for nearly every room, including:

  • Improve your living room by adding high-quality window coverings. These coverings will help you control the amount of light that enters the room. They will also create a stunning focal point, enhancing your viewing experience.
  • Bedrooms: Ensure privacy and darkness for a peaceful sleep environment with these high-quality window coverings.
  • Kitchens: Easy-to-clean surfaces make plantation shutters suitable for areas prone to messes, providing both functionality and style.

Are They Right For You?

To truly decide if plantation shutters are the right choice for your home, seeing them in person can make all the difference. Made in the Shade Central Oregon invites you to request a free in-home consultation.

Our experts will bring a variety of samples to showcase the beauty and functionality of interior plantation shutters. They will also bring options perfect for plantation shutters near me. These samples will be displayed in your home.

Remember, choosing the right window treatment should not only consider style but also the unique needs of your space and lifestyle. With Made in the Shade, you can choose from top brands and custom options for your window treatments. This includes real wood blinds and hidden tilt features that will match your home’s style and add comfort and value.”

We’ll bring the showroom to you! Explore the possibilities today by contacting Made in the Shade Central Oregon at 541-797-0515 or visit us online to schedule your free in-home consultation. Discover why plantation shutters continue to be a beloved choice by homeowners who value classic aesthetics and modern functionality.

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